We start with the finest yarns available that are luxurious to the touch, in colors both bright and subtle.  We hand knit these fine yarns into irresistible, wearable accessories, just for you.


All of our yarns are soft and feel fabulous next to your skin.  At the same time, each fiber has different properties that make it more suitable for different preferences and uses.  The list below shows how the most luxurious yarns match up with the characteristics that may be most important to you:

Characteristic            Fiber of Choice

Softness                      Alpaca, Angora, Cashmere, Llama, Mink, Qiviut, Silk, Bamboo

Warmth                       Alpaca, Angora, Mink, Qiviut, Silk, Wool

Multi-season               Cashmere, Silk, Mohair, Cotton, Bamboo

Color depth                Silk and silk blends, SeaCell, Mohair,

Hypoallergenic           Silk, Llama, Alpaca, Bamboo, Cotton, SeaCell

Durability                   Alpaca, Mink, Mohair, Silk, Wool, Cotton

Plant-based                 Bamboo, Cotton, Modal, SeaCell, Tencel

Care of your Little Luxuries

All fibers should be gently washed in cool water and laid flat to dry with the following exceptions:

  1. BulletSuper wash wool--machine washable, lay flat to dry

  2. Bullet100% Silk--recommendation is dry clean only

Luxury Fiber Gallery--Current Faves: We love all our luxury fibers, AND from time to time, we find those that we just can’t wait to knit into fabulous little luxuries for you. Their depth of color, softness, sheen, sparkle have capture our hearts and we want to show them to you. 

Click here to see some of the yarns that we love to work with as we make your custom



About Our Luxury Yarns