Cuffies are a very fashion forward way to

  1. Bulletkeep your wrists warm and your hands free.

  2. Bulletintroduce a great cold weather alternative to bracelets.

  3. Bulletdress up your lower arms in style. 

Armwarmers add style to a part of the upper body that doesn’t get much attention

  1. Bulletgo beyond where cuffies stop….all the way to the elbow.

  2. Bulletbring warmth to a cold arm.

  3. Bulletdress up a plain short sleeve tee or top

Texters ….  Practical and fun… perfect for keeping your hands warm while…

  1. Bulletworking indoors in cold office or classroom environments.

  2. Bulletusing your cell without taking off your gloves.

  3. Bullettexting with great thumb mobility.

Colors and quantities available can change on a daily basis so please call to place your order on these items: 1.503.296.7248.   Custom colors and yarns available on special order (call for availability and delivery).  Cuffies and Texters can be ordered in Armwarmer length. 

All styles are available in your choice of fiber: Bamboo, Cashmere, Alpaca, Silk, Angora, Mink/Cashmere and blends of these luxury fibers, with embellishments or classically unadorned.   Selected prices shown with the images below.

  1. BulletCuffies: $ 40 - $60

  2. BulletTexters: $ 25 - 55

  3. BulletArmwarmers: $ 90 - 140

We fill your orders in the order received, as inventory and production permit. 

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Fashion and Warmth for Your Hands

Cuffies: Soft, Warm, Stylish

Arm Warmers: Luxuriously Long

Texters: Fashion Forward and Fun