Necessary Little Luxuries is an Oregon based, women owned, small business dedicated to bringing a bit of hand-knitted luxury to your daily life.

The owner/artists are Helen Spector and Kathy Konecki, both experienced knitters.  We take as our starting point the finest yarns available that are ever so soft and irresistible to the touch. Then we invoke our playful, creative spirit and sense of style to create unique products that are artful and fashionable as well as practical. 

Our signature products are lacy, soft wraps -- scarves, shawlettes, and shrugs -- and handwarmers, cuffies, arm warmers and texters, all made of the finest luxury yarns, soft enough to wear next to your skin. 

We make your luxury accessory to order.  Your choice of style, luxury yarn and color allows us to create your accessory, knitting it specially for you.  Once you have selected a style, click on Luxury Yarns to select a fiber that fits your needs.  Then click on How to order, and contact us to place your order.

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